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About Beyond Ideas

Beyond Ideas is distinguished for being a firm that crafts customized internet marketing and web development solutions to fit specific client goals and needs to produce the highest return on investment.

About Our Founder Linh Tang

Linh Tang is an eMarketing Junkie and has been the GO TO guy for Digital Marketing Strategies for over a decade integrating social media, social eCommerce, online marketing and lead generation. He is an award-winning web strategist, emarketing expert, and author of Que Publishing Launching Your Yahoo! Business and Succeeding with Your Yahoo! Business.

His clients include fortune 1000 companies and government organizations. Linh has been a coach of digital marketing for over 22 years, and not just a coach, he “Walks the Walk”. He’s in the “trenches” and owns several successful eCommerce stores. You don’t have to take the plunge into the world of Digital marketing alone! Linh stays on the cutting edge of technology and leaves “no rock unturned” when it comes to implementing and exploring new digital marketing channels.

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